Apr. 14th, 2017

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First post on the new hosting site!

With the move from Livejournal to Dreamwidth, it prompted me to update...I was late to post for last year anyways, so...

Things I learned this year
1. I learned that sometimes, the bad guys win, the world isn't as nice as you thought, the ghosts of the past didn't die (they just hid long enough to be forgotten about), and that people you treat as friends are sometimes nowhere near that status.
2. I also learned that your friends will moderate their belief systems (or at least not bring them up) to stay your friends.

People I met
1. The SCA continues to give me new friends every year; being a Territorial Baron since 2013 has allowed me to make new friends all over the southeastern US and throughout the country - but all of that ends on 4/28/17!
2. I met more new friends outside of my state and continue to widen my range of connections.

Things I don't want to take with me into 2017
1. Still...frustration and impatience over incomplete projects, relationships or goals.
2. A lingering apathy toward people in general; I notice that I'm growing curmudgeonly and I don't need that.

Things I want to hold close as I pass into 2017
1. My continually strong relationships with my spouse, my family (both blood and chosen) and hundreds of friends and acquaintances.
2. My currently stable but threatened economic stability...thanks to the incoming Administration.

Things I'm looking forward to in 2017
1. Right now there's a lot of clouds forming for everyone, so let's just get through the year.
2. Finishing my last full year as a Landed Baron and celebrating the freedom afterwards.

Things that were life changing in 2016
1. Enjoying the adventure with Denise of being the Baron & Baroness of Oldenfeld and being comfortable as the senior Landed Nobility for a while.
2. Becoming a grandparent again to Elise Flesher, Sophia's little sister and daughter of Logan and Jasmine!
3. Becoming acquainted with many of the elite rapier fighters in the neighboring Kingdoms outside of Trimaris

Things you hope to accomplish by the end of 2017
1. As always, to reduce my total debt from where it was last year; yes, it's always a good goal to have, even if we're not actually getting to it!
2. Maintaining all other facets of my life as they are or better, because I am still *very* blessed to have very little to complain about - still!

Your biggest accomplishment in 2016?
I had an exceptional day as a fighter at Castle Wars in Meridies; I spent the day being consistently second to an Atlantian MoD, which is not a bad thing!

Your biggest failure in 2016?
1. I feel that my overall level of debt keeps changing shape, but it's really not getting any smaller.

What is one fear you’d like to overcome in 2016?
Since roaches are always at the top of this category, I don't ever see myself getting OK with them...ever.

Are you going to make any major changes to your blog for 2017?
Not likely...

What is one new thing you’d like to learn this coming Year?
I'd like to cross-train into all of the other armored disciplines; it's been over a decade and I need to get it officially done, finally.

If you could do ONE thing this year and NOT get chastised by, or for it, what would you do?
This question is silly; I'm going to drop it for future years.

Name a GOOD habit you’d like to start in 2017.
To get back into the good exercise habits that I started last year and get back to my peak weight and better fitness!

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