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Referencing one of the older posts from 2006, my life has been stable, productive and blessed with friends, family and prosperity, in measured increments enough for me to not have made a single post on here in three years. In the context that this blog is the safety valve of my fevered mind and dark half, this is a good thing.

I haven't summed up the last few years mostly because they've been very similar; however, in the spirit of continuity (and OCD), I'll sum them up in a single post so I can move on to summing up 2013.

The years that were 2010-2012

Things I learned
1. I learned how to fence. Not sport fence, but actual swordfighting - known as "historical combat" these days. I've gotten quite good at it...enough to have risen to the top 10 active fencers in Trimaris, my SCA Kingdom. It was precipitated by an Achille's Tendon tear in 7/2009, which forced me to drop armored combat for most activities except at War.

People I met
1. I finally got to meet someone I've known for a long time in person, and it went about as good as was expected; one of us will be at the other's funeral, I'm sure.
2. In the SCA I've continued to meet and make new friends all over the state and the country; if the SCA had a strongest reason to be in it, it would be this. There are too many people to list individually.

Things I don't want to take with me into 2013
1. Like in any year, I don't wish to carry any lingering drama related to people; I find that I'm getting better at it, fortunately.

Things I want to hold close as I pass into 2013
1. My continually strong relationships with my spouse, my children and my friends.
2. Still growing economic stability. I'm very pleased that this is a stable trend...

Things I'm looking forward to in 2013
1. Completing a long arduous climb back into the Middle Class that began more than eight years ago.

Things that were life changing in 2010-2012
1. Healing from an aforementioned lightning strike of a relationship and growing in leaps from the necessary introspection; the process wasn't smooth or painless, but I was amazed at the capacity I had to adjust my lens upon the world.
2. Interacting with all of my children as adults, rather than as kids or teens; it really is a big deal.

Things you hope to accomplish by the end of 2012
1. To reduce my total debt by 50% from where it was last year; yes, it's still a goal, because new expenses are a fact of life when maintaining a family with 3 kids who are grown but not yet part of the workforce in a serious way.
2. Maintaining my general level of happiness, because I am still blessed to have very little to complain about overall.

Your biggest accomplishment?
Winning my first rapier tournament - the non-scarf tourney at War of the Wings, in Atlantia, Nov. 2012.

Your biggest failure?
I wouldn't consider my biggest failure an actual failure; a lost opportunity or a prudent decision, perhaps, but not a failure. Besides, something can't fail if it never started.

What is one fear you’d like to overcome in 2010?
Fear of roaches. Still... It might not ever happen.

Are you going to make any major changes to your blog for 2013?
Considering how Facebook handles day-to-day stuff, I may only post on here once per year from now on.

What is one new thing you’d like to learn this coming Year?
In the SCA there are always many things to learn - why limit yourself to one?

If you could do ONE thing this year and NOT get chastised by, or for it, what would you do?
It's not the being chastised part that stops me... It's far worse.

If you could really, and actually, meet one blogger in 2007, who would you want to meet?
I think that this has become an obsolete question, so I'm dropping it.

Name a GOOD habit you’d like to start in 2013.
To exercise more.
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