Sep. 11th, 2005

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I note that this is an odd date in history to start a journal...

At first thought, I have no ties by family or friend to the events of 9/11/01, but for that as an American citizen; I feel helpless, as I did then, to do anything about the threat of our attackers or the mad power-brokers who antagonize them. Until 2008, it feels like I'm strapped into a roller-coaster in motion - I might not like this ride, I might be getting ill from it, or I might be dying of a heart attack right at this moment...but until it stops at the platform, no one is going anywhere.

I'm just closing my eyes and praying for as little damage as possible, until that moment comes.

Personally, I've been restless...but not because I'm worried; I feel as if I'm searching for the next thrill - yet I have the same fears as any husband and father would heve. I guess I'll have to be the good breadwinner, until the kids are grown - then I'll have a nice mid-life crisis ;-)

I'll type more when I'm in a chatty mood, later.

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